WOD Types

Definitions and examples.

Select a WOD type for a brief description and a few sample workouts.


A work-priority WOD, complete "as many rounds as possible" of a given exercise combination within a specified time frame.

Max rounds in 12 minutes
9x Deadlift (155#/100#)
12x Push-ups
15x Box jump (24/20")

Max rounds in 20 minutes
1x Bear complex (95#)
3 rounds of Cindy
30x Double unders

Max rounds in 20 minutes
12x Wall ball (20#/14#)
10x Deadlift (135#/95#)
7x Ring dips


Workouts involving little to no equipment.

3 rounds
50x Double-unders
21x knees to elbows
50x Push-ups
15x L Pull-ups

5x Box jumps (24/20 inch)
7x Toes to bar
9x Push-ups

For time
50x Pull-ups
50x Push-ups
50x Squats
Run 3K
50x Sit-ups
50x Walking lunges
50x Burpees


A series of exercises, usually high reps, complete one round for time.

For time
60x Burpees
35x Push-ups
60x Box jumps
35x Push-ups
60x Walking lunges
35x Push-ups
60x Squats

For time
Row 500m
100x Squats
Row 400m
75x Push press (45#)
Row 300m
50x Pull-ups
Row 200m
25x Burpees

For time
Row 40 cals
30x Burpees
40x Ground to overhead (95#/75#)
50x Knees to elbows
60x Push-ups
100 ft OH walking lunge (45#)
Row 40 cals


Two-element workouts.

5 rounds
21x Overhead squats (95#/65#)
15x Pull-ups

5 rounds
5x Clean & jerk (bw)
7x Muscle-ups

For time
Run 5km
Every 2 minutes stop and do 5x burpees


The athlete performs a specified or increasing amount of work at regular intervals on a running clock, usually at the top of each minute.

Every minute on the minute
2x Back squat (185#/95#)
Add 10 lbs each additional minute until failure

Every minute on the minute for 8 minutes
5x Back squat (275#/150#)
20x Push-ups

Every minute on the minute for 15 minutes
2x Deadlift (155#/115#)
2x Hang power clean
2x Push press


Run, bike, swim, or rowing workouts in various formats such as time trials, sprints, and/or intervals.

For time
Run 1 mile
Wear 10-20lb weighted vest

For time
Run 3K
Bike 6K
Swim 500m

For max distance
Row 10x[180:60]


CFHQ's orginal benchmark WODs.

Max rounds in 20 minutes
5x Handstand push-ups
10x Pistols
15x Pull-ups

For time
Row 1000m
50x Thruster (45#)
30x Pull-ups

5 rounds
Run 400m
30x Box jump (24")
30x Wall ball (20#)


Elite-level WODs used during the regular season and playoffs of the NPGL, aka. the "GRID". Most of these WODs are done as a team, specific rules can be found on the NPGL website.

For time
40x DB snatch (75#/50#)
40x Toes to bar
40x GHD sit-ups
40x Thrusters (145#/95#)
5 minute time cap

For time
20x Power snatch (135#/95#)
20x Toes to bar
20x DB thrusters (2x50#/35#)
80x Double-unders
20x KB swings (100#/72#)
6 minute time cap

For time
40x Overhead squat (165#/105#)
20x DB burpee over box (75#/45# DBs, 24/20" box)
40x Chest to bar pull-ups
40x Hang clean (205#/145#)
5 minute time cap


Workouts named in honor of fallen Mil/LEO personel.

7 rounds
Run 400m
29x Back squat (135#)

5 rounds
15x Deadlift (225#)
20x Box jumps (24")
25x Pull-ups

Max rounds in 20 minutes
2x Muscle-ups
4x Handstand push-ups
8x KB swings (72#)


Mixed-modal workouts, four or more exercises performed for multiple rounds, infinite combinations.

5 rounds
Run 200m
20x Pull-ups
20x Hand release push-ups
30x Squats
40x Double unders

6 rounds
6x Deadlift (135#/95#)
6x Bent row
6x Hang power clean
6x Thruster
Rest 1 minute

3 rounds
50x Squats
40x Push ups
30x Knee to elbows
20x Burpees
10x Pull ups


Workouts involving one or more kettlebell movements, such as a swing, snatch, and/or press.

3 rounds
20x KB sumo deadlift high pull (106#/72#)
40m KB farmer's walk (2x106#/72#)
25x KB swings (72#/53#)
Row 500m

5 rounds
5x Bench press (135#, +20#/round)
7x Double KB front squat (2x53#/36#)
9x Double KB snatch (2x44#/24#)

3 rounds
Double KB thruster (2x53#/36#)
Double KB swing (same weight)


Scaled WOD programming for youths consistent with the CF Kids curriculum.

3 rounds
15-12-9x reps
Front squat (up to 95#/65#)
Push press
Box jumps (up to 30/24")

3 rounds
12-9-6x reps
Front squat (up to 20# BB)
Push press
Box jumps (up to 20")

Max rounds in 8 minutes
5x Front squat (8# DBs)
5x Push press
5x Box jumps (12")


One or more movements, increasing workload over time, usually under a time cap.

For max rounds
2x Clean and jerk (135#)
2x Toes to bar
Add 2 reps per movement each successive round
10 minute time cap

For max rounds
1-2-3x... Deadlift (225/185#)
1x-2-3... Bench press (185#/135#)
Add 1 rep per movement each successive round
WOD ends after 10 minute time cap or when bar is on floor or racked for longer than 20 seconds

For max load
Deadlift ladder
Start at 225#/135#, add 40#/20# each successive rep
10 minute time cap


Indoor rowing WODs using C2 ergometer; time trials, intervals, and caloric expenditure.

Time trial
Row 2000m

Row 6x[90:90] for max calories

For time
Row 6x500m
Rest 2 minutes between intervals


Single element workouts where the focus is on one movement or exercise.

For max reps
8x[30:60] Ground to shoulder (135#)

For time
800m Sandbag carry (bw)

7000lb Elephant
For time
Men - 52x Clean & jerk (135#)
Women - 59x Clean & jerk (85#)

Strength Bias

Short-duration heavy weightlifting, usually a couplet or triplet, designed to be completed in under 10 minutes.

Max rounds in 9 minutes
3x Front squat (5RM)
3x Bench press (5RM)
3x Deadlift (5RM)

3 rounds
20 seconds max reps deadlift (315#)
Rest 30 seconds
20 seconds max reps back squat (275#)
Rest 30 seconds
20 seconds max reps bench press (205#)
Rest 30 seconds

5 rounds
2x Deadlift (90-95% 1RM)
5x Power snatch (75-80% 1RM)
15x Burpees


Heavy metcons that involve the use of the classic strongman implements.

5 rounds
3x Tire flip (3x bw+)
2-4-6-8-10x Front squat (1.25x bw)

5 rounds
5x Log clean and press (80% 1RM)
50 ft Duck walk (250#)

10 rounds
50 ft Farmer's walk (160#/hand)
50 ft Yoke carry (400#)
Rest 1 minute


Swimming workouts in pool or open water, alone or in combination with bodyweight and/or weightlifting exercises.

For time
50m Single KB farmers carry poolside (72#/53#)
Swim 50m
50m Farmers Carry
Swim 100m
50m Farmers Carry
Swim 200m

3 rounds
50x KB swings (53#/36#)
Swim 100m
50x Push-ups
Swim 50m underwater
Rest 2 minutes

Swim 25m
10x Burpees


Single or multiple exercises in the 8x[20:10] interval format.

Row 8x[20:10] for max distance

For max reps
Squats 8x[20:10]
Rest 3 minutes
Double-unders 8x[20:10]
Rest 3 minutes
Box jumps 8x[20:10]

Time cap

With a running clock the athlete performs a short series of movements (chipper, ladder, metcon, etc.) after which the time remaining under the cap is dedicated to a max reps effort.

For max reps
7 minute time cap
8 rounds of Cindy
Max reps burpees

For max reps
10 minute time cap
30x Ring dips
30x Ring pull-ups
30x Ring push-ups
Max reps muscle-ups

For max calories
15 minute time cap
25x Double unders
Sprint 20m out and back
50x Double unders
Sprint 30m out and back
75x Double unders
Sprint 40m out and back
Row for max calories


Three-element workouts.

6 rounds
6x Deadlift (275#)
6x DB thrusters (2x60#)
16x Box jumps (24")

5 rounds
35x Squats
15x GHD back extensions
7x Handstand push-ups

7 rounds
Row 250m
7x Hang power snatch (95#/65#)
7x Burpees


One or more powerlifting or olympic weightlfting movements (or variations thereof) for percentage work or max effort.

Back squat
3x8 (75% 1RM), 2x3 (85%), 1x1 (95%)

DB power snatch
Work up to 1RM for each arm

Clean & jerk
2x (70% 1RM), 2x (75%), 2x (77%), 1x (85%), 1x (90%)