About the WODdrive.

The WODdrive (formerly The WOD Shop/wodshop.org) is a web-based application where CrossFitters can get their daily WOD (to non-CrossFitters "WOD" refers to Workout of the Day) - but you don't have to be a CrossFitter to use the site! In the true spirit of CrossFit™ there are no workout lists to pick and choose from; the WODs are generated without the user knowing the exact nature of the task. Simply click on the desired WOD type and you will be redirected to a new page displaying your workout.
    Here you'll find just about every workout CrossFit workout you can think of. Whether it's heavy weightlifting or kettlebell workouts, bodyweight circuits or indoor rowing, it's in here. Looking for home gym workout? Got those, too. From there it's up to you...take it, leave it, scale it, increase reps/loads/rounds etc., or enter it into one of those fancy WOD tracking sites you belong to. This site is free, we're just here to give you workout ideas and options for home, gym, or travel - that's it. And we have some other stuff you might find useful as well. Are you ready for anything?...PUT YOUR FITNESS TO THE TEST.

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